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uTorrent messes with my Win7 Firewall config


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Hi and thanks to future helpers!

When I install a fresh copy of utorrent stable release for Win7, I carefully uncheck the "create firewall exeption". The reason is simple, I have special firewall rules for utorrent, because I want to block it when I'm not connected to my VPN network.

Problem is, even if I uncheck the firewall exeption thing at install, utorrent will force himself trough the firewall and create a new rule that cancel my own created rules for it.

Even if I disable "create firewall exeption" in Configuration and under Connexion (that shouldnt even be checked as I unchecked it at install), utorrent will allow himself to mess with my firewall, how to stop this behaviour?

Edit: And my firewall policies are very simple, my VPN is Domestic network and my regular network is Public, so I allow uTorrent traffic only when connected to private networks. Problem is that utorrent will create a new rule to allow himself on public too, making my own rule useless...

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