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Torrents automatically queuing instead of downloading!


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I've noticed something recently, and I'm not sure why. I have the latest version (or so it tells me there are no new updates) and haven't changed any options or anything like that.


Every time I download a torrent, it'll find peers and whatnot, but it'll automatically 'pause' and set itself to 'Queued'. I have to hit 'Force Start' to make it actually download. This goes for seeding torrents as well. Any ideas on what might be happening?


I checked out my options just to be safe, but didn't find anything like it. The only thing I thought might be the bandwidth options, but there's nothing here suggesting that a torrent should be queued upon opening.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Addendum: I'm also using uTorrent on my Mac, and my roommate uses it on her PC; this doesn't happen on either of those two computers.

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