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resume.dat not updating?


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Hello everyone.

I'm using μTorrent 3.3 and when I turn on my laptop (Win7 32-bit) the torrents/magnets that are initially loaded (and seeding) haven't changed since August 4. I don't recall fiddling around with the Settings by that time, and the rest of the files in the Settings Directory (e.g dht.dat, settings.dat, etc.) update regularly (i.e. last modified less than 24 hours bfore most recent boot time).

What could be a good temporary/permanent fix to this?

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Sorry, forgot to mention.

1. When I add a new torrent and it finishes, goes to seeding, it is gone from the Seeding list by next reboot.

2. I had to delete some downloaded files, so in μTorrent the "Error:Files missing from job" error should appear. When I remove the torrents from the Seeding list, they return (the torrents in Seeding, not the files) by next reboot.

3. When I have a download that's not finished by the time I shut down the PC, by next reboot it will not load, but when I add the torrent again, the previous progress remains. (Still okay for torrents, but for mag.net links it can get a bit troublesome.)

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