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Blocked by ISP for good


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Hi guys

I am stuck in some problem and would really appreciate some help.

I have been using p2p(torrents particularly) for years without any problem.A few days ago i changed my isp for a better plan.

It was all great in the beginning and the up & down speeds were also good but recently , all of a sudden my downloads & uploads completely stopped.

The trackers panel of utorrent would show 0 seeds and 0 peers for all trackers.All the connections get timed out. DHT is always waiting for login but never does.

When i asked some of my friends on the same isp , they confirmed the same. Which made me believe that the isp has somehow blocked me.

After wandering in many forums i concluded that the isp may be doing so in any of the following ways:

1>> It is only blocking me from getting connected to the trackers and not the peers. Since i never get connected to a

tracker so i dont find any peers

2>>The isp is blocking the p2p protocol as a whole

The remedies i tried are:

1>> Firstly , i tried to encrypt the connection in utorrent. Tried for Enabled and

even forced and also the Allow incoming legacy

but none of that helps. Even tried different ranges of the port.

2>> Then i tried to connect to the trackers using a proxy for only the hostname lookups but i failed.

3>> I then tried using a PPTP VPN named vpnreactor but to my surprise even this no longer connects.

My query is that is there any way to bypass this block and continue my torrenting as i did before apart from the "change isp" thing. Can i use vpnbook for connecting to trackers.

Also i want to download directly and not from any torrent caching service like zbigz.

So guys , please help a fellow pirate who has been alienated from the community.

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