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i have came to known boss key, so how do i hide the downloads?


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utorrent could still be opened at first, so how do i hide them to other people who is using the computer? i'm not download anything bad, it's just a certain person always naggs about me downloading stuff (p.s. i share this computer and this one's connection is the only good one i've got),

so to sum up:

1. how do i not let people see what i'm downloading when they first start utorrent (cuz all they need to do is restart the computer, i'm not an administrator)

2.i recently found a bat code that hides a folder and needed to be opened with password, so how do i change my setted download directory?

http://www.dzone.com/snippets/batch-code-make-win-folder (the code)

btw. can i still download if it is hidden? i mean the folder is not deleted, but just removed from UI

3. T^T i read other posts and added a "hidden" lable to it, how do i "unhide" it again?

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