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Utorrent Remote not working


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I'm facing the same issue. Nothing has changed on my end. Just overnight it stopped working. I checked the app on my phone around midnight wednesday, woke up Thursday to check again and it wouldn;'t connect. I get the same countdown issue on the PC prog.


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Same issue here.:|

uTorrent Remote just stopped working recently (keeps reconnecting in xx seconds).

So we need to wait till 3.3.1 is released ?

I'm on 3.1.2 & when I check, I get 'No new Version' .

so even 3.2 is not out yet ... 3.3 will be a long wait ... :/

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My remote connection suddenly quit working a couple of weeks ago too. And the answers here are confusing as to which version is supported for Remote.

I have Windows 7 with uTorrent version 3.2.3 with remote to my iPad. So do I need to update to uTorrent version 3.3.1 for remote to work?


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