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Cannot change Bandwidth Upload Limit


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I upgraded to 3.3.1 last week. Ever since then I cannot change the Upload Limit under Bandwidth Allocation.

Although it let's me change the setting the way I always have, >right click torrent > bandwidth allocation > set upload limit > select

I select the limit (say 25) and it shows it changed.

But when I look at the torrent list on the client, the upload speed does not decrease.

My OS is win xp.

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But that doesn't exactly tell me what is wrong with my global preferences and what they should be.


Thank you for that guide.

But I think I didn't explain my point correctly.

I do not want to change my default setting for all torrents.

I want to change the upload limit on a single torrent.

That's why I included the description of right click > etc

That is the part that isn't working.

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I had the same situation and question as OP. The 3.3.1 update must fail to check that uTP box by default. It probably should. Checking it fixed my upload limit problem immediately!

It may also have helped a download speed problem. At least I'm getting much higher download speed immediately after checking it. But that will require more time to be sure...

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