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Really confused


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I'm sorry to have to ask..but i need some help trying to conceptualize how torrents work. I'm not talking about the all the details down to the nth degree...just the way the most importatn parts work together.

I've read all kinds of things like forum threads & discussions and help links talking about p2p, .torrents, magnets, clients, etc. -- but i still can't visuallize how to organize all the ideas and how the parts of torrent dwnloads work and how theyre related. -- I've got all kinds of 'terms' jumbled up in my head now..but most everythging i've read must assume you have a good grasp of the basics - which i don't seem to have gotten down yet.

can someone point me to a plain language guide to help me understand the distinctions or what the differences are between .torrent files, trakkers, downloaded files and things like that are related and how the whole process works in a very basic sense?

thanx a lot

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