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A new adware : Bunndle ?


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Hello everybody,

I'm a French guy who decided to install the version 3.3.1 of uTorrent, on my new PC with Avira as my antivirus. Before the beginning of the installation, I saw a popup from Avira which told me that he detected an adware called Bunndle in %temp%\Bunndle. The problem is that uTorrent didn't gave me the option to refuse it and I suppose that this adware is in the sdk of the software. I delete %temp%\Bunndle and make a scan with my antivirus and desinfection programs. I think, I'm clean.

Album of screenshots :


Can anyone give me more informations about that, please?

Also I want to know why all uTorrent files are in %AppData% and not in %Program Files% or %Program%.

Thank you everyone! ;)

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