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High Memory Usage + More Issues


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Hey people,

I've always used uTorrent, never having had problems so far.

Now I started downloading a larger file (15GB) and the memory usage starts increasing up to 1.7GB and it crashes. I then have to manually kill the process (task manager) and when I open it again, all the downloading progress for that torrent is lost.

Any thoughts on what the problem is or how to solve it?



Edit: uTorrent 3.3 b29625

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uTorrent 3.3 b29625

Not current.

Also, what setup guide did you use to configure uTorrent?

Well, it isn't really my fault. I made sure to use the Check for Updates button before posting it here, receiving "There is no new version available at this time".

As for the setup guide, I used the material available at uTorrent.com help section.

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Mea culpa.

Now, it seems the problem was indeed my fault. Earlier this year I had that Disk Overloaded problem. Someone advised me to set a higher value the Disk Cache, which solved the Disk Overloaded problem and caused this one.

I appears to be working normally now...

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