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Utorrent not working with vpnbook.com


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Hey I was just wondering why Utorrent won't work with the p2p-approved servers on vpnbook.com? It hasn't always been like this, just a couple weeks ago everything was working just fine. But now it sits for hours on "locating trackers" and "connecting to peers" whenever I open a magnet link. I've tried both the first and the second p2p server. Neither seem to work. I tried other VPN's and they worked, but they're trial accounts and limit my speed to dial up. but I was wondering if any of you know what's up with vpnbook? Does this mean they're blocking p2p connections on all servers now? It's just that vpnbook is the only good free server I know of, and it disappoints me to find out it won't work anymore for torrents. Do you guys know of any fix or news for this? Any other free vpn's that don't log your ip's and shut you off every 30 minutes for having a free account? Thanks guys :/

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