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Hey guys.So here is the thing:I have internet with speed like this :http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2923622284.But the problem is instead of getting 600 kbps,i usually get around 200 kbps.Sometimes i even get under 1 kbps which is pretty frustrating.But i kinda solved that by running setup guide every time i start download.I get little "[F]" in front of files and they are downloading full speed.But when i start manual download(right click>start)i get those poor under 1 kbps.Now i was wondering if someone can explain to me what why do i need to run setup guide>run tests to get full speed.Why i can't get normal speed manualy(as I did in a first place)

P.S Forgot to mention when i put it to downloads at night,at the morning i see ~1kpbs,and when i took from ''NetWorx'' it is said that usually an hour after i leave PC turned on,download speed ratio starts to fall down a lot.And does that have to do with something that when i leave PC it turns off the screen?

P.S.S How can I disable uploading,since upload is always higher when i turn download on manually?

Edit:Just found out that on "NetWorx"it says that my I am downloading at speed of between 500 and 650 kbps,while on utorrent it says I am downloading around 250 kbps.

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