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Stable 3.3.1, Beta 3.3.2, Alpha 3.4


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I was having problems with disk overloads which did not go away until I upgraded to Alpha 3.4

I notice that in Alpha 3.4, I cannot STOP torrents and re-check them. So I downgraded to 3.3.1, but then the disk overloads returned. I upgraded to 3.3.2 and still disk overloads... then upgraded to 3.4 and once again.. that solved the disk overload problem (but still have the problem with not being able to stop torrents so I can re-check them)

ALSO, the reason I need to recheck them is that for no reason, about less than 1% of the torrents I am seeding indicate they are missing files when they are not. To fix that, I have to end the utorrent process in the task manager, and restart it. Sometimes I have to remove the torrent (not the file associated with it, just the torrent) and reload the torrent.

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