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Torrent causing other programs to lose connection?


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I believe one of the settings in Utorrent might be causing other programs I have to lose constant connection. This is especially annoying for things like video game logins and skype. I'll be chatting to someone or talking on a call and it will randomly lose connection and reconnect, all the while I can browse easily. Also when I try to download a youtube video using browser plugins it will download but randomly lose connection and stop.

I also play games like League of Legends, which the client will constantly disconnect from, but in game I'll never have problems. This makes me think a specific port maybe is getting overloaded by torrent requests?

This only happens with Utorrent, so I thought maybe it's my ISP and with Utorrent running I get redirected to a less than optimal connection. But I talked to others with the same connection in my area and they don't have a problem.

I tried everything I could on the modem. But nothing is working. Is there a setting on Utorrent I could try to remedy this? I'd rather not turn off Utorrent every time I want to make a skype call or play a game.

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I am using the basic settings right now on the 3.3.1 client. Except for Max Half open set to 4, DHT off.

Port checker greenlights and port is open.

I have a 30mb/s connection and limit dl to 200, upload is much much lower even though it could be higher than 200. Number of peers 200, 50 per, i've tried much lower, always resetting every time I try something. Testing is slow because the problem doesn't show up immediately.

windows firewall on, router firewall off. ddos/flood protection off (with it on utorrent immediately makes browsing impoosible.)

modem/router is arris dg860

I've tried just about every fix i could find on these forums using google, including the applicable ones in that post.

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Just spent the rest of the day with utorrent off. Not a single problem. Every site loading instantly, skype disconnect free. Video game clients remain constantly connected. Either my modem can't handle utorrent settings, my ISP is switching my connection to one that throttles bittorrent and that is disconnecting me constantly from other programs, or my utorrent settings are wrong and it's overloading my modem.

I think conclusion two is unlikely, and I've tried changing most of my modem settings that people suggest changed so conclusion one doesn't seem right, so I was hoping maybe someone had experienced this and could help me with the third troubleshooting route.

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