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Peers problem?


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Hey yall, been Utorrenting for a while just up and relocated and I am having trouble torrenting at my school and I mean anything at all, legal/illegal, whatever. I have fantastic speed when doing anything else.

4Using UTorrent 3.3.1 and my build is 30059 [32 bit] I am using windows 7 6 bit Ultimate. It is stuck at the step "connecting to peers" I have noticed others on the forum having the same issues, but no clear concensus on a solution. I have tried randomizing ports on start, tried changing firewall settings but to no avail. I would really appreciate the help/suggestions because not being able to download free ebooks, required data for classes, or free media like pirate bay away from keyboard (just an example).


[DHT] announcing 0 0 0

[Local peer discovery] working 0 1 0

[peer exchange] working 0 2 0

and all the trackers here are listed as updating or connection timed out, updating in 20 minutes, 0 seeds 0 peers 0 downloaded

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