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Re-Installing uTorrent on new PC


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Good morning. I purchased your utorrent plus program, well at first I installed it and everything was great. However somehow my pc crashed. But had nothing to do with your program, it caught a virse. Anyways got a new pc and all was fine again. Until it crashed again. 3 times my pc crashed. Well this last time when I went to install your program again, it said that I needed to re-purchase the utorrent plus program due to it being installed to many times for a my 1 pc program. Now everything is re-installed and working fine with the one exception that now I only have the free copy of your program instead of the uTorrent Plus that I purchased. What do I do now,cause I really don't feel I should have to purchase the program again when I already did. If you could get back to me via email or what ever that would be great.

Sincerely, Lenny RosilesWalden

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