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My Router Slows Down Speeds


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I have a modem (SB6120) that Speedtest.net clocks my downloads in at 115.5 Mb/s and uploads at 22.7 Mb/s

When I connect my modem through my router (Netgear N600), Speedtest.net reports downloads at ~90Mb/s but uploads still ~22 Mb/s

I'm not having a heart attack at this negligible difference, however, when torrenting, there is a big difference.

When plugged in directly to my modem, I got speeds of about ~100 MB/s, as uTorrent's setup guide reports.

When plugged into my router, the number drops to about 70 Mb/s. I'm happy to know I can still share with others as my upload speeds stay the same, but is there any way to maintain the same download speeds as if I were connected directly to my modem?

I have forwarded the listening port, UPnP is enable, automatic port mapping is also enabled. Windows 7.

If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear from you.


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