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Download speed stuck


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Hi everyone!

So it's now almost 3 weeks since my download speed dropped from 6-12 MB/s to 1MB/Sec .

I phoned the one's with the contract of the internet and they said it's nothing and they will try to repair it , but its not fixed at all.

Anyone knows why it dropped so sudden to 1MB? And is there any setting or something i can do about it?

I am downloading from a legal Browser and I also downloaded some of the files i was downloading with 10-12MB/s and still it was 1MB/s so its not from the seeds.

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Download speed relies on so many variables, and you cannot control all of them. Try to find the limiting factor - you could Google any of these steps as a start:

1 - Have you tried a Gestalt test or a Speedtest using your browser to see if your ISP is the limiting factor?

2 If your ISP is not the problem, is your router a good one and set up properly?

3 - Are your utorrent settings optimised for downloading?

4 - Are the torrents themselves well seeded?

Just a few ideas to start.

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