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Can I search utorrent transfers using keywords or a filter feature?


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My current setup is WIndows 7 64bit with utorrent 3.2.3

Is there a feature that allows me to search the torrents I have loaded in utorrent using keywords?

For example, titaxi (for all its flaws) has a little search window at the top and it makes it easy to find specific torrents when I am managing 2000+ of them. I just type in "Breaking Bad" or whatever I am looking for and the rest of the torrents disappear from the list, leaving only the ones that contain my search terms.

I don't think utorrent has anything like this but I thought I would ask just in case.

Cheers & thanks for your time.

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Yes I am using an older version after I reported a bug here and I was told repeatedly to downgrade to this version.....I am just following advice that the good folks here told me and it has worked out so far.

Actually it was who you advised that I switch to 3.2.3 on 2013-06-28 19:55:11 after I reported a problem with flushing stuck at 0%. It worked so thank you.

If I am thinking incorrectly I would appreciate a hint in the right direction.

I did a search in utorrent and Google before posting here for things like search, filter, and utorrent, and I did not find anything but perhaps my search terms were not chosen well.

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