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Rethink required for v3 onwards.


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So! Having run v3 clients for the past couple of years or so and watching the "feature list" increase and the performance go from 'crap' to "slightly better than useless" I think it's time the development team went back to basics or rethought the whole thing.

For the past week I have been running alongside, and 3.4.0061. Guess which has given CONSISENTLY better performance, and I'll offer a clue here, it is NOT one that starts with a '3'?

NO magnet problems!

NO problems finding or connecting to peers!

NO problems with speeds and/or rate limiting!

NO problems when having more than ~20 jobs loaded!

NO shutdown hanging!

NO problems with Windows running away with memory.

And jobs that had been 'bumbling' along in v3 clients for weeks, ALL finished within twelve hours of being migrated to v2

For my second question ....

Which version would you think is going to stay on my machines?

Oh and ABSOLUTELY NO ADVERTS or "Active X" 'issues'

Yes! I know it's not 'supported' but do you think I care about that? And not being actively developed counts as a major plus point.

The new motto for the uT/BT dev team should be;

If it ain't broke, .... FIX it, until it is!

So ... Ciao Baby! to uTorrent v3

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Thank you ciaobaby :D

I just found 2.2.1 on another website and I kid you not, my download speed increased seven-fold immediately, the very moment I downgraded. And no bloatware advertising crap.

To think, someone here advised that I upgrade for a feature that didn't exist anyway. Never again!

(I guess to be fair there are some features that I like from the 3.0 version but it's not worth the trade-off of being effectively throttled, IMO).

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