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[workarounds] DISK OVERLOAD and stuck torrents


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since a lot of versions (more than a year already), when downloading huge torrents

the utorrent process fails miserably and has to be restarted - sometimes with disk overloaded sometimes it crashes before I can see the overload message

this happens under Win7x64, Win8x64 on Asmedia SATA and Intel SATA as well. (latest drivers) but I think the thing that causes the crash is either .torrent files or some packets that come in or combination of these

At the moment I blame the utorrent developers for failing to produce a working software. Because such bugs are not seen on the other torrent clients.

If you want "a quality bug report" - invest in QA department. :D

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And you will be the one to judge because you are?

Best I can do is to replicate the problem in a virtual instance of Windows with some free space to download the huge torrents in question.

Someone from BitTorrent, Inc may email me with the access details and I will do my best to get them speedy results.

Then they can poke at the VM and uTorrent config I used all they want.

I think the issue comes from combination of .torrent file + the software, that's the justification for this.

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Build came through Check for Update :)

Good suggestion but I prefer to not run as admin. As I remember I tried that and it was still happening.

Connection speeds around here are more than 5mbps up and more than 50 down, often reaching 100/100.

So can you guys help for the suggested test?

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Not before you've done that:

Try run-as-admin + my settings + pref->adv->diskio.sparse_files -true

Preferably with one of the downloadable builds...

And you better disable/uninstall any AV you have installed there...

Oh, and if you post this build somewhere, I can try and test with it too ...

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utorrent3.3.1.30059.rar http://www.sendspace.com/file/o198nx

The settings that I end up using are cranked up for speed :)

settings_dat.rar http://www.sendspace.com/file/zgdti8

With many builds during the past year, I have tested with unchanged default settings as well, and the problems persisted so I kept using the speed settings.

Thank you.

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Pre-allocate is enabled.

I checked your settings.dat with the bencode editor and I chose one by one what fits the situation that I have and ended up having a third completely different settings.dat even more cranked up.

One of the drives that test lately on is SATA SAMSUNG HD154UI Revision 1AG01118

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  • 2 weeks later...

The more and the bigger torrents I was trying to download - the more frequent the bugs encountered.

- new torroents stuck at allocating as if the storage subsystem of uttorent is stuck

- when bug is noticed, exit utorrent was not enough, had to kill process

- sometimes seeding went down with time - on utorrent restart - seeding resumed

- sometimes utorrent was stuck at Disk Overloaded 100% until the proecss was killed and relaunched

I have just replaced the uttorent.exe with the latest 3.3.2 RC. which so far seems better.

The settings.dat do not seem to make much difference. Other people need me to seed, so most of the related numbers/limits I crank for that.

Some trackers don't yet allow so now I have to use Transmission as well for some stuff. :(

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