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Automatically Locate Existing Files On Harddrive


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I'd like to request a feature that will at the click of a button search for existing files from a torrent in a specified location and correct broken paths, based on file names, file sizes, and context or hashes, whatever is most viable.

Currently what I have had to do when I move the contents of a torrent I'd like to continue seeding to a separate storage drive or just change the folder structure is stop the torrent, right click and re-locate EACH INDIVIDUAL file (because you cannot even manually select and locate multiple files within a torrent at once), force-recheck, then resume. If you missclick and select the wrong file for one of them when relocating, this causes all kinds of problems and you are pretty much better off re-downloading the torrent to the new location at this point.

This is very fatiguing when you have thousands of files you'd like to move around or consolidate.

The alternative is editing your resume.dat in appdata and using find & replace which is still far from convenient.

Set download location and changing the Directories settings are not solutions to this, I am talking about when you wish to move a torrent's contents as an afterthought and would like to be able to continue seeding.

I realize this is similar to another feature request but I thought it different enough to be worth posting.

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