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Download Speed does not match speedtest speeds


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Hello forum! I'll jump straight to the problem.

I have a 20Mb/s internet, my ISP is PT comunicações (Portuguese ISP), and my router is a zwyztel model. I ran the speed test, here are the results:


As you can see, my test gives a 5Mb/s download speed. However, never in my life i have seen a torrent go past 600Kb/s and that is rare. Sometimes my download speed seems to starting to boost but suddently it cuts to mere 5 kb/s. Usually i download faster during the night. I tried running Glasnost to see if my ISP was blocking my speed, but it only says "time left to finish 500 seconds" and then "waiting for transfer to finish".

Needless to say i do not have any active torrent while doing the test, but there are other pc's in my house, none of them downloading files tough.

The setup guide in utorrent gives a closed port but i have already allowed it trough windows firewall and opened the port it uses in my router settings.

Could you help me get what seems impossible to me? a 2 MB/s download speed? :D

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