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Search Engine Getting Changed to Yahoo After uTorrent Install


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Hi there,

I just installed uTorrent for Mac, opened Firefox, and noticed that my homepage and search engine were both set to Yahoo… is there a correlation there?

Okay, maybe I did it by mistake. So I change them both back, restart Firefox, and bam, back to Yahoo. I don't want to assume that "the world's #1 BitTorrent client" would bundle irremovable crapware without even asking.

Is this a mistake on my part, or are you really engaging in such shady activities?

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I can confirm you are right. Utorrent for mac installs that crap which changes your search engine and homepage to yahoo in all browsers you have installed, because I didn't install anything else from days.

If you want to remove that shit you must do next IN EVERY BROWSER (one clap for the utorrent team):

1. Go to your browser add-ons/extensions or whatever browser calls these.

2. Find an add-on called "* search" (I don't remember name exactly)

3. Uninstall that crap, close and relaunch the browser.

4. Go where browser has change search engine option and select which you want.

5. Go to browser preferences and set your homepage.

That is all.

One last note for the utorrent team: If it happens to me again next time I install the app or update it, I am going to change my torrent client. And I am sure I will not the only one who will do it.

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There is power in numbers guys... Unfortunately there is a minimum number registered here at the forums compared to actual users!

Bottom line the top brass is going to do what they want to benefit themselves.

Remember way back when they said they are thinking about a slim client without ad options and all the other stuff users will never use....http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=123284....What ever happened to those promises!


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