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I find Im having difficulty getting hold of torrents,

just been on torrentz and I get a green, sheild shape file with a tick in the middle,

I hit on it and it tries to install some torrent client.

I was on pirate bay and a similar thing was happening

since going to the latest form of u torrent a few weeks ago, things have not

been the same since

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Another day, another reboot,

luckily my u torrent window is coming up today

somehow though , by upgrading , its as though my software

is nt picking up torrents anymore

I used to get them in documents , hit on them and they went into the u torrent window

just got a torrent from torrentz into doc hit on it

a window comes up,

do you want to run this file

i hit run and nothing happens

I drag the file into the u torrents window

a window comes up .........

send files to friends and family !

But looks like theres still hope, I can see a couple of files downloading in

active torrents.... must be from torrents loaded a few weeks ago .

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