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Torrents dissapear after closing and opening utorrent


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Hey all

For some reason when i opened utorrent today all of my torrents had disappeared. I checked my downloads folder and all my downloads are still there but utorrent has been wiped clean. I experimented with this by starting another torrent and then closing and opening utorrent and *POOF* its gone. Ive tried restarting my computer and still got the same problem

Any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Ok, but how do i fix this? I havent changed anything (except install steam) and i have no idea what to do. I went into preferences/directories and all the boxes were blank and unchecked, so i tried checking them and putting the original locations but its still coming up blank.....


Never mind, i fixed it. manually putting the file locations and reopening the torrents has fixed the problem...

I guess i should have figured this out, but i guess i figured it was more complicated than that when i googled it and found no posts with similar problems.

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