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Problem with all versions - Not Responding


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I'm a bit of a noob with the finer details so stick with me here..

I've bit using UTorrent for ages.

Then I'd say over the last 6months it would crash upon opening.

- I'd load up UTorrent.

- Things would look normal for around 20 -30 seconds then the programme would stop responding.

- I thought I had a lot of crap (seeding) so cleared things out, updated version etc.

- things worked fine for a while then back to square one.

I've just updated to 3.4 Alpha build 30099.

I've got 6 torrents listed but only seeing 2.

Same thing happens.

Any pointers where I can start looking.

I'm using:

- Panda IS for Firewall & Virus checker

- Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

- ISP is BT

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