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RSS Feeds are not populating all the information from the feed


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My RSS feeds provide the "extra" information including Seeds, Peers, file size etc. uTorrent does not show any of this information unless I start downloading an item from the feed. Is this a feature I need to turn on, a defect, or business as usual?

I would really like to browse the RSS feed for downloading and know what file size and whether or not the said file is being properly seeded without opening my browser. qbittorrent displays this information, though I prefer your client :)

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Thank you for the reply. I am nearly positive the feed is providing torrent files and not magnet links. That being said I will need to verify it in a few hours when I am home.

If I open the RSS feed in a browser I can see the metadata is actually included in the feed, providing seeds, peers, file size etc. I just assumed uT would populate that information before a download starts.

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Example from the feed:

<title>Title of item to be downloaded</title>
Uploader: Name/ Category: category name/ Seeders: # / Leechers: # / Size: XXX.XX MB / Snatched: 0 x times<br /><br /><font color=#000080 face="Verdana"><u><b>Title of item to be downloaded<br /> <br /> Plot</font></u></b><br /> <div style="font-style: italic; display: inline;">Description.</div>
<author>someones name</author>
<category>category name</category>
<pubDate>2013-09-12 18:40:38</pubDate>

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I will accept that as a limitation, but to say its not used by other clients is false. As I said, qBittorrent is able to display this information using the exact same RSS feed.

The next question would be why would the client not use that information. If it is being sent in the RSS feed, it would only make sense to actually display the information in the application. I would save some users the hassle of browsing the web to see the specifics of said torrent.

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