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DHT waiting to log in - ISP blocking


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Ok, been doing a lot of searches to find a way around this, and I've realised, they all looking for settings problems! My local ISP (a WISP) is blocking a trackers list, demoniod piratebay etc, then he is also blocking DHT packets, UDP packets it looks like, and you cant route UDP packets through TOR network to bypass it. Its not a setting, your torrents are being blocked! all this does is stop you finding Peers using DHT but if no peers appear then torrent doesnt start...i found that if u go start a torrent using an unblocked connection(MTN 3G for my test) then the peer to peer connections can resume when you go back to your usual connection :) you can also use trackers through the TOR network. but no DHT. Hope this helps someone or someone has an idea to help, Im gonna keep fiddling and see :) oh you can also use VPN to another pc (Wippien or hamachi to work pc left on...) good luck everyone!:)

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