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New tray icon not taken into account


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I wasn't happy with the system tray icon in previous versions of µTorrent (can't remember exactly which one), where the resolution wasn't adapted. So I edited it myself and placed the new tray.ico file into the AppData folder and everything was great.

I recently updated to 3.3.1 and there is a newly designed icon in the quicklaunch bar, that I like, but now my tray icon doesn't match it anymore. So I managed to grab a 48x48 .ico of the new design thanks to DjDiabolik on this board, because I weirdly couldn't extract any icon from the exe file...

Anyway, I placed this new tray.ico into the AppData file, overwriting the old one, rebooted µTorrent, however the tray icon still looks like the old one... It seems like the tray.ico is absolutely not taken into account. Same problem with main.ico

Any ideas ?

Thanks !

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Yep, thanks Beasly that was it ! Did not remember how that btskin filetype was working. I renamed the current.btskin to current.rar, extracted it, replaced the included (old) main and tray icons with the new ones, repacked it in the current.rar and renamed it to current.btskin.

So now I have the main and tray icons that I wanted, but I lost the rest: customized tabs.bmp and toolbar.bmp are no longer taken into account and µTorrent is back to its default design for these elements...

Have I missed something ? Am I supposed to tweak the btskin file included in current.btskin ?

Sorry for all the questions... I found out how to do it a while ago when I first customized it, but I can't remember where I read it and I'm not finding it on this board... :/

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Great suggestion, problem solved except for the "btskin" file containing all the color parameters : µTorrent has reverted to its default colors for the dowload bars, even though I placed it directly in the appdata folder along with all the other files previously contained in current.btskin.

If you have an idea, great, otherwise I'll leave it that way...

Thank you very much Beasly ! ;)

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