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Well, the problem here is that i have UPLOAD SPEED but i do not have DOWNLOAD SPEED since two days ago!!! The file downloaded 76% of the file but suddenly stop... And all the speed is dedicated to the UPLOAD SPEED.... After waiting more that 24 hours, i decided uninstall uTorrent and installed again!!! But the problem is still the same... I deleted the file and next i added again but the problem continue... I don't have DOWNLOAD SPEED yet!!! Can you send me a detailed help about it!!! I mean, step by step ;)

Thanks in Advanced and have a nice time.

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The true is that... This is the first time that this has happened since i use uTorrent !!!!

I downloaded a 4GB file before this!!! For other hand, The DOWNLOAD SPEED was normal until this point!!!

By the way, What you mean with "Availibility"??? How can i verify this??? Can you be more specific???

Please, send me a step by step to check out this availibility thing and fix this problem... thanks!!!

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The Availability is totally green til 50%, next it has a combined color between green and red... At the end of the line says 0.765

The Downloaded is totally green til 50% too, and next it has two colors, green and white... At the end says 76.5%

So, what could it be the problem and how can I fix it??

Thanks in advance

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