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Expanding the Skin Guide


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I've been skinning the tabs in uTorrent recently and found out it takes a surprising amount of effort for what should be simple image replacement. The main cause: lack of information. For example, in GIMP, "Do not write colour space information" needs to be checked while exporting a .bmp or uTorrent will just not use the file. Same thing for bit depth, if that's 16 or 32 bits the file will not be recognised. Annoyingly enough in this case, GIMP automatically checks 32 bits, so making a few quick icon changes without knowing you have to change the bit depth will result in frustration.

Also, the order of the images is not the same as the order of the tabs. Why is that? It would make things much more intuitive if both had the same order, or if the order would be mentioned in the guide. Lastly, the skin guide mentions that the tab .bmp needs to be 224 px wide, while if you want to skin all tabs, it really needs to be 288 px. Probably as a result of this most if not all tab skins here are incomplete.

So I say, expand the skin guide to include these issues, and make life easier for the beginning skinners out there. uTorrent desperately needs more quality skins anyway.

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