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utsever appears to be working normally, but never uploads or downloads


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I can start utserver and connect to its gui. I have added some torrents that I had downloaded previously with deluge as well as added new torrents, but none of them have uploaded or downloaded anything and only two of them even list how many peers are available.

If you watch it closely you will see peers connect and disconnect, but never transfer any data. The bandwidth screen shows that it transfers 1k from time to time, but the torrents still list uploaded and downloaded data at 0k. I have another computer which is running windows, which I started running utorrent on and was able to manually add my linux client to its list of peers. This has been the only way I've been able to get it to download or upload any data thus far.

I have disabled the linux firewall and forwarded the tcp and udp ports in my router (verified with canyouseeme.org). Is there anything else that might be causing this problem or some kind of log that might shed some light on this issue?

The utserver log is not very helpful and only shows the following:

[01:59:42]  Using locale en_US.UTF-8
[01:59:42] GetNodeID failed, using /dev/random
[01:59:42] total physical memory -1 max disk cache 33554432
[01:59:42] IPv6 is installed
[02:00:06] File not found during integrity check: .//webcache.dat
[02:00:06] File not found during integrity check: .//webcache.dat.new
[02:00:06] File not found during integrity check: .//webcache.dat.old

This system is running Fedora 19 (Linux localhost.localdomain 3.10.11-200.fc19.i686 #1 SMP Mon Sep 9 13:30:38 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux)

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Okay, now I'm even more confused. I was able to download from http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/, but the other two trackers I'm using aren't giving me anything. Normally I'd say that it would have something to do with the tracker, but I'm able to download from the other two trackers on my other pc without any problems. The other PC is running uTorrent on Windows 8.

I did notice, however, that even though the client has been able to download, that no data has been uploaded. I will say that most of the torrents that I loaded had already been downloaded and I was just trying to set this up as a seedbox.

So it seems that the problem is more related to uploading than downloading. It should be noted that my Windows PC is able to download a specific torrent, and connect to 8 peers, whereas my Linux installation shows peers as 0 of 2 ( and the only one it ever dowloads from is my other PC). Could this have anything to do with it being a magnet link instead of a torrent file?

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