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Opening SubtitlesApp when a torrent is finished?


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Subtitlesapp is an awesome program to automatically fetch a subtitle for the file you are opening it with. I though this would go really awesome way to automate my subtitle fetching and using it with uTorrents function to "open a program when a torrent is finished". I therefore used this line:

"C:\Program Files\Subtitles\Subtitlesapp.exe" "%D\%F"

This launches Subtitlesapp when a torrent finishes, but Subtitlesapp doesn't do anything. Therefore i presume that it's subtitlesapps fault, and that it doesn't understand what to do with a file directory. (Also since this line actually works with apps like VLC etc)

A came up with a possible workaround, but need some help to see if its actually possible. If i set subtitlesapp to the "open always with" program for all movie filetypes in Windows, Is there any bat script that i can run with uTorrent so that it just merely opens the file in Windows (and therefore launches with its preset program)?

Would really love to get some help! Thanks in advance!

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