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uTorrent IDE issue with Windows XP


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I use the very same version of uTorrent with Windows XP & 7 (both 32 bits). uTorrent version is 3.2.3.

While it runs fine without any hassle on Windows 7 I have this weird issue on XP.

After some time with XP running, the uTorrent IDE freezes. The first signal that it is not responding is noticed when I double click the system tray uTorrent icon and it doesn't rise the IDE. Sometimes if I be very patient and await for several seconds the IDE will appear BUT it will be unresponsive.

Funny thing is that apparently the uTorrent core is still running and downloading the files because if I move the mouse over the system tray icon it will show the balloon with the download rate, and doing it repeatdly the values will be different what makes me think that it is working. Therefore the problem is only with the IDE. Very annoying!

If I kill the process in the task manager and restart uTorrent the problem still persists.

Anyone else has experienced such issue?


PS: I have tried a newest version and the problem seems to be still worse...


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