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Remote IPad conversion 2


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So I originally wrote a topic that said

"Is it possible to download a torrent remotely, convert it for the IPad and then download the movie to your IPad all from your IPad's browser via UTorrent Remote?"

And I got a response to the help pages. Thanks DreadWingKnight for zero input and for closing the thread. I searched the help before I posted and from what I could see there was one post from some guy last year asking the same thing and he didn't get a response either. Does your reply to the help pages mean that uTorrent Plus doesn't support converting files for the IPad remotely and that I should then find the answer that it doesn't support it? Or does it mean that it does support it but I'm supposed to find the answer on my own by doing another search in the help forum? Next time you give a link to the "Help" pages maybe you could give a little more of a description about what a person can expect the answer to be. I'm supporting UTorrent by paying for the Plus version and I'm in the forums asking for help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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