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µTorrent blocks RDP Connect via SSH


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Hi there,

since I have µTorrent installed, RDP connections via ssh (localhost:<portnumber>) are impossible.

Unloading µTorrents Backgroung Agent, fixes the problem.

Does anybody know why, and how to get rid of the prob, with keeping the µTorrent Agent in background?

I discovered by using wireshark, that there is no ip-traffic happening from the source to the destination ip, as long µTorrent is loaded in background. At the desktop, after I started the RDP client, the window keeps showing "configuring RDP connection" , for hours... (loosely translated from german to english).

My config is Win7 Ultimate with Putty as ssh client.

The destination entry for the RDP client on my Win7 computer ist localhost:12345.

Putty is configured for tunneling to <destination ip>:3389.

Since Wireshark can't capture localhost traffic, I can't see whats blocking things.

Everything works, when I quit µTorrent. -But not, when it's loaded.

Why not? And how can I change it?



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