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How to improve slow upload speed.


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I am using uTorrent 3.0 (build 26473) [32-bit] on Windows 7.

My download speeds are fine. Stuff comes in very quickly. I don't think I'm uploading efficiently though. Right now I'm looking at a completed torrent that indicates, under Peers - 43 (1609), yet under Up Speed it says 1.2 kB/s. Numbers are flucuating, but this is the general range. Nothing else is down or uploading, so shouldn't I be uploading a lot faster?

When I run the Setup Guide my results are:

In the Bandwidth section: Results: Speed test failed. HTTP Error 404

In the Network section: Results: Port is not open (you are still able to download).

I logged into the setup page for my SMC 7004VBR router. Under Network Log there is a long list of entries like this (numbers change for each entry, of course):

Saturday, September 21, 2013 1:16:36 PM Unrecognized attempt blocked from to TCP:1433

On the router's NAT > Virtual Server page I have the port number the same as the port number in the uTorrent Connection box in the Connection > Listening Port section of Preferences.

What other steps can I take to improve my upload speed?

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