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Torrent Files disapearing on 3.3.1 update


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I am running a windows 7 x64 system with a pretty much stock OS (no misc installes). Just uTorrent and office and klite codec pack.

I have over 900+ torrent files (all from a private tracker) that are seeding on a 100 meg line.

The system just updated a few days ago and the PC froze during the upgrade (I think due to the number of torrents currently active). When uTorrent finished updating it was as a completely clean stock version. No torrents.

I have the copied files of resume.dat and the rest (resume.dat is 7 megs in size). However, when I copied these files in to replace the new updated files (The utorrent install directory has all 900+ torrents still in the folder) it renamed the resume.dat to resume.dat.old.1379725611. If I delete this file and try to use a cahced copy of my 7 meg resume.dat file, I either get a crash, after which it gets renamed resume.dat.old or I get the resume.dat.old.1379725611

I have tried to completely remove uttorent, i have tried three different legacy versions, bittorent, the 3.3 version of utorrent, and now the current stable release. Nothing.

I have 12 different hard drives with 14 terabytes of files, many of them renamed, and I am a superseeder with my private tracker, so I am already getting offline emails from people who are mad at me.

Is there anything else I can do or suggestions you can offer to get back up and running other than manually re-adding and re-directing 900+ torrents.

This issue occurred several days ago, but I postponed posting to read through the forum and the faq's and other resources before bugging anyone.

Thanks in advance.

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I have pretty the same problem, reinstall win 7, and all files remain, but utorrent list are all cleaned, but i have 200 torrent downloading, they dissapeard from the list but still on the hdd. Is possible to add to the list to complete the download or delete it? Thanks in advance!

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