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How to reactivate finished stored torrent?


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I've accumulated over 30 torrents in my main list with quite a few of them in finished status. I'd like to move the finished torrents and associated file(s) to a storage folder. That should be easy simply by selecting that setting.

However, I also need to know how to go in the reverse direction...

How can I move a finished torrent and associated file(s) back from the storage folder into the active list again?


Well, I checked the box to moved finished torrents to a storage folder but they didn't move. So I guess I need to have that answered first... How?

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In pictures

In the manual


And Step by step.





The rest is EXACTLY the same as any other Windows application, ... You navigate to the location you want the payload to be in by clicking on [select Folder]

So perhaps you can tell me this; Why, explaining how to do things in uTorrent invariably involve explaining how to use MS Windows basic functions. It's that bit that I don't understand, how can you use Windows and not know what a context menu is, or how to use search in a standard Windows help file?

Most people will invoke a context menu several times an hour in just about every application they use, this thread has span two days, whereas by you understanding the basics, could have been answered it under two minutes with no need to join a discussion forum at all

This is wny people assume I am arrogant, rude, etc. etc. I really do not know WHY some questions even have to be asked, the information needed is there, available instantly in the uTorrent client.

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I'm beginning to understand that operation, but...

Does utorrent have an operation to move the torrent and associateed folders/fles files to the desired storage folder? Or do I have to use Windows Explorer (or other system editor) to cut/copy/paste/move them?

Then when I want to move them back, is utorrent able to do that, or do I have to use Windows Explorer again?

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We're not communicating. My original question has not been answered. Can someone else try to explain it to me?

Again, I want to know how to move torrents out of, then back into, the main windows jobs list. I've got over 30 in the list which is too many, and quite a few are finished. But I don't want to delete them because I might want to reactivate/seed them at a future date.

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But I don't want to delete them because I might want to reactivate/seed them at a future date.
No WHY didn't you just explain that in post #1??????????????????? The rule is ASK the question you want the answer to

Then the answer is you can't because jobs are either in the job list or not loaded there is NO other options possible.

But it seems that you think that if you REMOVE the job (NOT delete) that is the end of it. Provided you have the ORIGINAL payload and the metadata file you can simply reload the job stopped, point uTorrent to the location of the payload, recheck and start seeding. Again this information IS in the manual under 'migration guide' on here on the site in Help -> Videos and Guides -> Migrating your Files.

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Yeah, migration is the word. It's like a foreign language. I have to get lucky and guess the right "keyword" or can't find anything with searches, nor ask proper questions..

OK, I think I get it now, but it's a klunky stepwise process. I used the Remove operation to remove a torrent from the main window jobs list, and it disappeared from the list immediately. However the .torrent file and downloaded file remained in the same folder. I had to move them to a storage folder using cut/paste in Windows Explorer. So I suppose I can do it now. I had mistakenly assumed there was some easy way to do it in utorrent. I guess what's needed is a "Remove and Move" operation, or some such.

The first thing I tried didn't work, and I still don't know why...


I put a checkmark in the box and entered a destination folder to move finished torrents. Then I went back to main torrents jobs window and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited... but none of my finished torrents moved. Maybe they'll only move for future completions, I don't know.

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Payload data will only 'move' on job completion, as do the meta data files (.torrent), and completion is when the job status changes from 'Downloading' to 'Seeding' or 'Finished'

I wrote a WSH script to copy the payload when a job completes script source at >> http://ciaobaby.info/copy-completed-download/

The only problem is that uTorrent on Windows doesn't have a 'real' command line interface to 'automate' any remove tasks and the only option is to use the web API and send HTTP requests from the script.

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