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How to decrypt a torrent after download?


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Me and a friend of mine used utorrent to send eachother some files. We both created torrents using the "Create Encrypted" option in uTorrent. The files we received are unusable, even when changing the extension to what they were.

What steps do we have to take, to decrypt the files and use them?


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"Create Encrypted" only changes the filename list internally to the torrent.

If you use uTorrent to download the files, the filename list will automatically decrypt.

If you can't use the files after that, you're on your own.

Got it. All of the 8 files from the torrent are unusable though. The filenames are all something like: 56c8f7b9777d2c171d9f6d4d.

I guess all we can do is create a new torrentfile without encryption and try again..

Thanks for your response

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