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Question about seeding/uploading a torrent


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I have torrents I've personally uploaded to piratebay maybe 6 months ago. Have torrents A, B, and C and have seeded/uploaded roughly double of each torrent. Haven't really done much with seeding/torrents in general since then.

Now I open utorrent and all 3 torrents' status are Seeding, but only torrents B and C are actually uploading anything (have Up Speeds fluctuating). Are there times where you may be seeding an a torrent doesn't actually upload at all?

These are the Seeders/Leechers numbers showing on piratebay for each torrent

Torrent A = Seeders 10 // Leechers 2

Torrent B = Seeders 1 // Leechers 2

Torrent C = Seeders 3 // Leechers 5

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Seeders and leechers must connect before exchange of data can occur. That's handled by your client and their client via complex processes. Look at the flags in the Peers tab and you'll get an idea. If there's an uppercase "U" flag for a peer, it means you're connected OK to upload to that peer. Typically they blink on and off and are in constant change because both clients are handling multiple torrents and peers.

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