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I recently subscribed to PrivateInternetAccess for use with downloading torrents. I followed the instructions provided by Lifehacker and tested the the PROXY and everything worked fine. I was able to successfully use it for several day and download several files without issue. Then suddenly all of my seeds dropped to zero, as did all my peers. I initially chocked it up to the torrents dieing out, but I have since attempted to download some very popular files with no success. I have the same setup with uTorrent on 3 different Macs and all of my pending torrents have quit working on all 3 of my Macs. I beleive that I have narrowed down the issue to the PROXY but don't know exactly how I should go about fixing it.

To troubleshoot I connected to a different network with a totally different ISP in an attempt to rule out my router or ISP and still was not able to connect. This is basically what all of my torrents' tracker tabs looks like:


Edit: I guess I should mention that turning the Proxy feature off in uTorrent allows the connection to go through.

It seems to be alternating between Unknown Error -4 and Unknown Error -8

I have spent about the last 4 hours searching the web, these forums, and PrivateInternetAccess.com's forums and can't figure out how to fix it other then disabling the Proxy.

I am running Mac version 1.8.4

All of my uTorrent settings:





Thanks for any help.

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