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Unable to load: Is a directory!

Pirate Monkey

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µTorrent Server alpha (3.0 build 27079)

Turnkey Linux 2.6.32-5-amd64

utserver.conf (condensed):


ut_webui_port: 3312

ut_webui_dir: /root/utserver/

dir_active: /media/shared/Downloading/

dir_completed: /media/shared/Completed/

dir_temp_files: /tmp

dir_autoload: /media/shared/Torrents/

dir_autoload_delete: 1

bind_port: 19376

The issue is random. When adding a .torrent file the console returns

Unable to load: Is a directory!

This does not happen on all .torrent files

This does not happen every time with the same .torrent file

This happens when:

- Adding .torrent via WebUI

- Adding .torrent via PHP API script

If processing a list of .torrent files via a PHP API script, some .torrents will be added without issue, others return error to console

Unable to load: Is a directory!

Of course I have checked to ensure all ports are correct and open, have restarted all computers on the network (just to be sure) and have confirmed all permissions. As this is intermittent I am baffled as to what may be the cause.

Any suggestions or anyone else seen this same issue?

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