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Large torrents with multiple files


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When I download a large torrent, for example a 100gb torrent pack with say 80 or 90 different files, and I only want a couple or maybe 5 or 10 of the files.

It's starts off fast like it normally would, then slows right down to 10kbps. It then goes back up to the speed it should after a minute or 2 and shoots straight back down again and repeats this constantly.

I used to download large torrents with multiple files a year or two ago and never got this problem until now.

I have tried saving the files to an external thunderbolt drive and still the same problem, so I know it's not a hard drive issue, it's down to utorrent.

I am running a mac with 10.6.8 and utorrent 1.8.4

Can any tell me the latest version that did not suffer from this problem, as I'm sure if I roll back a few releases it will be fine


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