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Why does Utorrent slow my internet speed so much?


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Why does Utorrent slow my internet speed?

i don't believe is utorrent itself, but its the " thing " that i am downloading. it's never downloads more than 700kb but i have a 15 mb download connection.

Everytime i download something, i can't even open a google.com on a new tab on my browser.

But if i were to use mIRC with the XDCC download, the max download rate will be at like 2mbs, but my internet connection won't even lag, and i can open multiple things and even watch videos/streams in 1080p without no problems.



I just want to know if there is something wrong with my connection and utorrent, and why is it so slow and why i can't even go on another website without taking 20 minutes or google chrome telling me that i don't have internet. when is not even downloading @ 1mb.

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