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Updating uTorrent Lost Me One


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When I booted up uTorrent after a long time of having not had to download any torrents, it said there was an update. I allowed the update but the program was still pending on whether or not it should be added to the list. It opened again after updating and the torrent wasn't there because I hadn't confirmed it. Yet everytime I tried to download the torrent in the program it said it was already in the list and keeps asking if I want to locate the trackers. Either response doesn't make it appear again after waiting for it for a few hours. So far I've tried downloading the torrent and trying to open it. I've also deleted it from the uTorrent->Roaming file. I'm completely lost as to what happened with the torrent after the transition. I'm a complete novice when it comes to torrenting, I need help on where it went and how I can use it.

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