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Question about my VPN/Anonymity


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I am wondering if I am uploading anonymously. I use OpenVPN and a btguard VPN subscription. I run OpenVPN, login with my btguard credentials. Successful connection. Go to checkmyip, shows an IP based in Canada. Check my torrent IP website, shows up as location unknown after generating a checktorrent.

This is my setup at my house

Cable Modem connected to a wired router. Wired router connected to a Home PC and a wireless router. Wireless router is setup as I guess a switch/AP (have wired router plugged in to one of the 4 Ethernet Ports instead of the Internet-in port). On my PC, have OpenVPN running like I said with my btguard VPN credentials. Are my uploads anonymous?

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Yes, your uploads still should be anonymous. As long as your VPN connection stays active, your torrent IP address wil remain hidden from all peers for both uploads and downloads. The issue comes in when your VPN disconnects accidentally. This does happen from time to time.


Because of this, I recommend using an anonymous proxy service for bittorrent instead of (or even better in addition to) a VPN service.


The advantages of a Proxy over a VPN for Bittorrent are:

  1. Faster Speeds On Average
  2. If proxy connection disconnects, so does your connection to the bittorrent network so your IP is not exposed
  3. Still anonymous
  4. Allows you to route your normal web browsing through your regular ISP so it's not unnecessarily slow.
  5. Easy setup. Most of the best torrent proxy services offer preconfigured utorrent clients that have the proxy settings already installed.

One great choice is Torguard Torrent Proxy


Also check this article for more on using a VPN vs Proxy for torrents

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