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Easy bug that actually causes a blue screen kernel panic!


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When I first ran uTorrent on another user account than my main one, it automatically set itself up to install when Windows starts*. When I logged in again next time, while uTorrent was already running in the other account, I got a kernel panic. I traced it with the Windows debugging tools, and it cited an attempt to access memory out of bounds, and further checking showed that the process that did it was uTorrent.

Since uTorrent should not be running in two separate accounts, it seems the obvious thing to do is not let uTorrent if it's already open in another account--or at least warn. Better would be to divide it into a UI module and a service module, which would allow both UI modules to access the same process. Either would work.

I had thought there was something seriously wrong in my computer. I've never seen a program cause a blue screen. I know it probably had something to do with the network stack, but I'm running the stock drivers that came with an installation of Windows 8, so I expect this can happen again. And, again, it's so easy to fix.

*You also should not do this. If uTorrent is set to autostart on one account, it shouldn't also be set to autostart on another. Heck, you shouldn't automatically set this option at all.

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