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A Tool to search existing files and match to a torrent to seed


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Hi All, I have a quick question, I like most people i would imagine download my torrents into a loading folder, and when i have a spare minute i sort them into other folders such as Music and Movies, this of course makes utorrent lose track of the files and stops me from being a nice guy and seeding.

Is there a tool that can fix this for me, almost like how tools exist to search imdb for metadata for movies, can a tool search file names in a given directory and match/download the torrent data to continue seeding them?


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BitTorrent clients do not have a concept of 'files' so the answer is ... No there isn't and probably never will be.

Secondly .. IMDB 'metadata' in no way shape or form comes even close to BitTorrent metadata.

Thirdly ... If you have moved the data, renamed or changed the payload in ANY way, outside of the uTorrent client, it is highly probable that the data has been irrevocably changed, so will no longer match the original metadata.

If you want to continue seeding, the payload HAS to stay in it's original, unaltered state.

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